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Thank you for visiting my bio to learn more about me and the 10-42 Project. I am the Vice President of the Organization and am here to help connect you to any of the resources you are seeking. I am also the Peer Support Coordinator and Facilitator. If you have any questions about attending our Peer Support Meetings or are looking for Training to become a Peer Support Facilitator for your department, I am your contact. In addition to Peer Support, I am the Mental Health Educator and Trainer for 10-42. I am able to provide a variety of training programs and even custom build them for you or your department. For more information on training programs click here

If you have any questions about mental health resources, training programs, peer support, etc. I am happy to help you. Scroll down to learn more about how I became a part of the 10-42 Project. 

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Meet Jane Nady

Jane Nady, MCPC, is a Master Mindset & Trauma Coach, Mental Health Educator & Human Behavior Expert, who works with clients to create the life they want to live as the person they most want to be. Jane knows that with the right guidance anyone, regardless of confirmed or perceived limitations, can overcome any obstacles and successfully create a life they love. Over the last 15 years, she has garnered the respect of fellow Mental Health Professionals, clients, Military/First Responder communities, business owners, and community members throughout Iowa by building relationships on trust and open communication, providing effective training, education, and mental health support. Jane has been recognized for her work and volunteerism in the mental health field. 

Jane was motivated by her own life experience, the determination to decrease suicide, end mental health stigma and to show others they are not alone. Jane holds a Master’s in Education from Morningside College. In addition to her masters, she is certified in many mental health therapies and coaching techniques: REBT, CBT, Master Mindset/Trauma/ADHD Coaching, and many additional niche specific coaching certificates. Jane is also a Certified ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills) and MHFA (Mental Health First Aid) trainer. She has been a key speaker for NAMI’s Ending the Silence Program, served on an advisory panel for new law enforcement officers, and volunteers for AFSP Suicide Survivors Workshop and has been a volunteer and Team Captain for the AFSP’s Out of the Darkness Walk for 6 years. After graduation, Jane was an educator for 10 years before beginning her full-time work in the metal health field as the Suicide Prevention and Substance Abuse Coordinator for the Iowa National Guard where she, trained, educated, and provided resources/support to IANG Soldiers across Iowa. Now, Jane, owns her own business, Imperfect Pathways, where she provides services to clients of all ages. She is military informed, former first responder and spouse of a first responder, therefore, many of her clients are from the same community because they trust and know she understands their unique experiences and struggles. Jane also serves as the Vice President, Mental Health Educator/Trainer and Peer Support Facilitator of the 10-42 Project, a non-profit organization for first responders, by first responders. 

Jane’s overall mission is to help anyone who is struggling. feel empowered and understand that with the right support, they have the power to find out who they truly are, define their purpose and truly live a life they love.  When she is not busy guiding clients through their self-growth journey, Jane enjoys watching her boys race sprint cars, listening to music, spending time with her family, and being of service. 


I am always a text, call or email away. Please do not hesitate to reach out for any reason. I am here to support you in your search for the right resource for you. 


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