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Shared Voices Season 2 Episode 11 Behind the Badge: Real Connections for 1st Responders & Loved Ones

Shared Voices Season 2 Episode 11 Behind the Badge: Real Connections for 1st Responders & Loved Ones

The weight of the badge is heavy, not just for the first responder carrying it, but for the families who stand beside them. This podcast travels into the unique challenges faced by first responders, their partners, and their loved ones. We'll explore the complexities of: Communicating Trauma: Navigating difficult experiences first responders face on the job. Chronic Pain and Caregiving: Understanding the impact of chronic pain on both the injured first responder and the partner who becomes a caregiver. Emotional Resilience: Strategies for managing the emotional toll of a first responder's career. But you're not alone. Real Connections offers a lifeline for first responders and their families. We'll discuss: Powerful Interventions: Learn about Real Connections’ effective therapy options, including their impactful 4-hour and all-day intensives. Cotherapy Advantage: Discover the benefits of having two therapists working with you as a couple or family. Honoring Your Vows: Just like the commitment you make to your team, a marriage vow is a promise worth fighting for. We'll explore strategies for strengthening your relationship and keeping that promise alive. Unforgettable Retreat: Get ready for a transformative experience! We'll share details about an upcoming incredible couples retreat and intensive happening this September in Galena, Illinois as well as potential retreats built just for you, the first responder, and your partner. Join us as we explore the power of connection in healing and strengthening the lives of our bravest heroes and their loved ones.
Breaking the Therapy Barrier. Invest in what matters

Breaking the Therapy Barrier. Invest in what matters

Building Resilience: Vulnerability, Teamwork, Practice & CoTherapy for First Responders Are you a first responder seeking to strengthen your mental and relational well-being and build a more supportive environment all around? Do you distrust everyone around you? This podcast dives into the power of vulnerability, teamwork, practice, and CoTherapy with Daniel Defenbaugh the founder of 10-42 Project, and couples and family counselors and coaches Monique and Rick Elgersma, a married couple who have leveraged CoTherapy and relationships to navigate the challenges of first responders and their families. Together, they'll explore: The importance of practicing relationships, resilience, vulnerability, and emotional intelligence in the face of trauma. Strategies for fostering open communication and building trust within yourself, your spouse, family, and your team. An introduction to CoTherapy: how couples in first responder professions can support each other's relational and mental health. Join us for an insightful conversation that will equip you with the tools and knowledge to build resilience, strengthen your relationships, and create a healthier, stronger, supportive, and more relational first responder community. Rick and Monique run a CoTherapy practice called Real Connections. They serve the personal and relational needs of the first responder community, and build the relational health of their greater community, and throughout the country.


Our mission is to serve as a confidential ally to every current and former first responder, and their families, walking with them through the barriers that prevent access to support and mental health resources.


Our vision is for every first responder to be appropriately equipped with strategies, tools and resources to support their mental health and wellbeing throughout and after their career. 


  • Privacy

  • Confidentiality

  • Unconditional Acceptance

  • Standing against stigma, fear, guilt and shame

  • We are guided by Christian values

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We know because we've been there.

Hello! My name is Daniel Defenbaugh, and I am the founder and director of the 10-42 Project. I spent 14 years in law enforcement, and many more beyond wrestling with nightmares, panic attacks, depression, and the like as a result of the job. It took a long time for me to find help and a name for what I faced: Post Traumatic Stress Injury (PTSD) (PTSI)

The 10-42 Project exists so that first responders and their families facing the challenges associated with being a first responder in today's world can find the help and the hope they need—fully confidential and accessible anywhere, anytime.

We understand that your time off duty can be more difficult as your time on. We, at 10-42 Project, are here with you. You don't have to walk alone, and there is hope for another day.

I'd love for you to read my personal story and the ensuing vision for this mission, that you might be encouraged to know there is hope. We're glad you're here, and we look forward to walking alongside you.

In Christ,


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